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Indie88 Premiere: The Mary Veils sing of how ‘seeing isn’t always believing’ on fuzzed out new single ‘Eyes’

Philadelphia garage rockers The Mary Veils are back with their new single “Eyes,” premiering now on Indie88.

The new single comes from The Mary Veils’ forthcoming album, Esoteric Hex, out March 25th via PNKSLM Recordings. The fuzzed out tune is all about existential dread and how “seeing isn’t always believing.” With gritty guitars and wailing, processed vocals, this grungy tune is definitely a must-listen.

“The song is loosely based on something I read on Kelpius’s society of religious monks -a bunch of German doomsday fanatics from the 17th century who ended up living in a cave outside of Philadelphia,” The Mary Veils explain. “As well as incorrectly predicting the end of the world, Kelpius wrote his own music, and has been referred to as ‘Pennsylvania’s first composer.’ The riff was banging around for a while in my head, and we like the feeling of existential dread. Most people have eyes. Most use them for seeing. Believe half of what you see. Seeing isn’t always believing.”

Listen to “Eyes” below.

The forthcoming album is a love letter to Philadelphia.

“Philadelphia is a very unique place, and while it’s a major city, it’s kind of the forgotten cousin of New York,” The Mary Veils explain. “It’s the abandoned capital of the United States, but we like the abuse. This album is in many ways about Philadelphia, and how the people here are unique and have that fighting mentality. We all want to keep getting better, and we don’t ever quit.”

You can hear that influence on today’s release, “Eyes.”

Pre-order Esoteric Hex here or check out the tracklist below.

Esoteric Hex Tracklist:

01 – “Bone Blossom Green”
02 – “Jelly”
03 – “Esoteric Hex”
04 – “Circled Omens”
05 – “Elevator”
06 – “Follow Me”
07 – “A Tether”
08 – “Eyes”
09 – “Fuzzy 95”
10 – “The Turnspit”

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