Indie88 Premiere: The Treble drop fun-loving new video for ‘Saturday Night’

Their forthcoming album is set for release later this year

The Treble have just dropped a fun new video for “Saturday Night,” the second track from their upcoming full-length album.

The track is quite melody-heavy, revolving around flourishing harmonies and vulnerably autobiographical lyrics. The video fits the tune perfectly, as the band plays the vibrant song in front of a group of friends as everyone sings along at a house party.

Check out the video for “Saturday Night” below.

“Saturday Night is about young, reckless, and toxic love. It’s about all the crazy fights and breakups we used to have outside of old clubs we used to go to,” the band explains to Indie88. “Initially for this song, our plan was to make a video about the nature of conflict in relationships and the importance of communication as we all strive to grow from our past experiences. Once we got to it though, the song just felt too fun for all of that, so we did something we hadn’t done in a while.”

This track reflects their forthcoming album to a tee, as the record is set to explore difficult relationships and struggles with anxiety, self-doubt, and mental health. The band really knows how to explore the murky waters of young adulthood through energetic rhythms and elaborate modern electronic touches.