Indie88 Premiere: The Wooden Sky ‘Matter of Time’

A new single precedes the band's upcoming album

The release of The Wooden Sky’s forthcoming album Swimming in Strange Waters is fast approaching, and the band is sharing a new single called “Matter of Time.”

The sweet and sultry folk rock track is an exciting one, with dips and turns throughout the song that serve as surprises to its listeners. There’s something new around each corner of the three and a half minute track, whether it be a shout from Gavin Gardiner or a bluesy solo. According to Gardiner, the song was initially meant to be a ballad and kind of took on a life of its own.

“[‘Matter of Time’ is] sort of a doo-wop song that we put through the meat grinder,” says Gavin Gardiner. “It started life as a ballad and ended up with a full on sax solo. Reality is strange these days and we are trying to reflect it, maybe even push it into the realm of the absurd.”

The Wooden Sky’s new album will be out April 7. In the meantime, listen to their new single below.