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Indie88 Premiere: Thus Owls shares “Black Matter”

Random, chaotic and misunderstood. Thus Owls’ “Black Matter” is an exploration in to the deep unknown.

Montreal based Thus Owls are an experimental (keyword mental) rock duo consisting of Swedish-Canadian couple Erika and Simon Angell. The pair met in Amsterdam while touring in other bands, and connected over their passion for improvisational and experimental scenes. Today we’ve got their brand new track from their upcoming album by the same name, Black Matter.

According to the band “[the] song started out when Stef [Schneider] sent us a drum riff. We chopped it up, looped it in different ways and wrote the song on top of it.” Sounding like a haunted drum machine layered beneath what could be a group of pissed off robots hooked up to synths machines, it leaves an unnerving and sinister feeling crawling beneath your skin. Try not to let the fuzzed out guitars reverberating with tremolo put you under their hypnosis.

“We had a longing to write a song with an odd but smooth melody over something sparse and harsh sounding underneath. The lyrics touch on the dynamics and waves you go through in relationships – where you’re sometimes in perfect sync, but sometimes one is at the top while the other one is at the bottom of the wave. This song is blue, like dusk just before the real dark.”

Black Matter comes out November 6th via Secret City Records.


Black Matter Tracklist
1. Asleep In The Water
2. Black Matter
3. Shields
4. Turn Up The Volumes
5. Vector
6. We Leave / We Forget

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