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Indie88 Premiere: Toronto indie rockers No Frills share new jangle-pop single ‘Darkhorse’

Toronto indie rockers No Frills have returned with their new single, “Darkhorse,” premiering now on Indie88.

Today’s release is a preview of their forthcoming album, Downward Dog, out April 1st. The summery new single is a lo-fi jangle-pop tune. Despite its upbeat melodies, “Darkhorse” boasts some gloomier lyrics, as songwriter Daniel Busheikin sings of getting fired from a café.

“‘Darkhorse’ was written after I was fired from a café of the same name (oops!) and is about the carrot dangling in front of our collective faces, promising an ultimate material reward that will always elude us,” Busheikin explains. “Basically a more pretentious version of ‘work sucks // I know.'”

Listen to “Darkhorse” below.

Made up of members of Hooded Fang, Twist, Rapport, and Grounders, No Frills make warm, lo-fi tunes that are reminiscent of ’50s crooners and early ’60s pop. When Toronto shut down in the spring of 2020, songwriter Daniel Busheikin began working on demos for Downward Dog. Writing with guitars, vintage synths, and a slew of guitar pedals, Busheikin made the footprint for fifteen tracks.

In addition to “Darkhorse,” Downward Dog features the previously released “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anymore.”

The lo-fi pop record looks at “themes of depression, despair, and death through a sardonic sense of humour,” according to a press release. You can hear that sound on “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anymore.” While the album is quite cohesive, it explores a bunch of different sounds, from the ’50s crooner sound of “Ice Cream Cone” to the lullabye closer, “Pancake.”

Check out the tracklist for Downward Dog below.

Downward Dog Tracklist:

01 – “Welcome…!”
02 – “Save the Bees”
03 – “Ice Cream Cone”
04 – “Darkhorse”
05 – “Drip”
06 – “Copy Cat”
07 – “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anymore”
08 – “Thrasher”
09 – “Common Folk”
10 – “New Medication”
11 – “Down For The Count”
12 – “Terrycloth and Dirt”
13 – “Everything Will Become Better”
14 – “Pancake”

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