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Indie88 Premiere: Toronto post-punk outfit Hollow Graves share new single ‘Borderline’

Toronto band Hollow Graves have shared a new single, “Borderline,” premiering now on Indie88.

The track comes from Hollow Graves’ brand new album, Mid-Century Modern, out today. “Borderline” is the perfect preview of the album. It’s all about someone whose personal struggles have been affecting their friends and family negatively. The track boasts a gritty, layered instrumental line and captivating, dreamy vocals.

Mid-Century Modern features ‘Borderline,’ an energetic and angst filled track about a person whose struggles are extending to their community and impacting them negatively,” Hollow Graves explain. “It’s about trying to help a struggling friend with the knowledge that you may not be able to affect positive change until they can help themselves first. Sometimes it can feel that the best advice to give someone is no advice at all.”

Listen to “Borderline” below.

Today, Hollow Graves have shared their dreamy new lo-fi album, Mid-Century Modern. The record was inspired by life events both before and during the pandemic.

The 10-track collection explores the loneliness of being secluded and relationship and personal struggles. However, throughout Mid-Century Modern, Hollow Graves offer up moments of hope and pleasure. The record weaves in and out of dream pop, new-wave, and post-punk with ease, offering up a genre-bending collection that will keep you on your toes.

Stream Mid-Century Modern or check out the tracklist below.


Mid-Century Modern Tracklist:

01 – “Tequila Sunrise”
02 – “Marriott”
03 – “The Blue”
04 – “Borderline”
05 – “Somewhere In The Middle”
06 – “Room of Mirrors”
07 – “Far Out Summer”
08 – “Before It Ends”
09 – “Swimming”
10 – “Copacetic”

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