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Indie88 Premiere: Toronto’s Brooklyn Doran shares video for powerful new track ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’

Toronto singer-songwriter Brooklyn Doran has shared a video for her new track “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

The track was written in honour of her friend Andrew Henderson, also known as “Glamdrew,” and it revolves around their final conversation before he passed away in 2016. Andrew’s final act was a performance art piece called “Take It to The Grave,” where people would whisper their deepest secrets to him, and he’d have a symbol of the secret tattooed on his skin. Doran’s new music video pays tribute to that moment.

Watch the video for “Tomorrow Never Comes” below.

“Andrew lived and died fabulously,” Doran explains. “When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer he told me that once death was on the table, there was no point in being afraid of anything else. ‘Just live a fabulous life and drink champagne,’ he said. He tattooed the titanic onto his back. When he lost his hair, he covered himself in gold leaf. He drank champagne. He continued to make us laugh. We held three living funerals for him – the inaugural being ‘Glamdrew’s Glitter Fuckfest’ held at The Monarch Tavern. The theme: glitter, gold, make people on the streetcar stare.”

Much of Andrew’s final year was supported by The 519’s Will Munro Fund, which supports queer and trans people living with cancer, so all of the proceeds for the new song will be going directly to The 519.

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