Indie88 Premiere: Toronto’s David Newberry releases new album ‘As Far Away As You Can Go Without Coming Back’

His first new album since 2015

Toronto’s David Newberry has made his return with a new indie-rock album called As Far Away As You Can Go Without Coming Back via Jump Attack! Records.

The new record marks Newberry’s fourth full-length, making it the follow-up to 2015’s Replacement Things. The driven, lush new record embodies some of 2020’s chaotic energy perfectly, despite being put together prior to the pandemic.

“I guess you could say I stumbled into this record: Kind of tripped over it,” Newberry explains. “I honestly believed I had retired from music. Or at least from the business of music. My friend JP Maurice became part owner of a studio in Vancouver, and every time I would visit the city, we would mess around in the studio for a half-day one month, a couple of days the next, a few more days a year later. I never thought I was working on a record until Chips (that’s what we call JP) pointed out that there was an album’s worth of songs.”

Stream As Far Away As You Can Go Without Coming Back below.

“The four-year recording was like a game of leap-frog,” Newberry continues. “I would place the songs lyrically somewhere, and Chips would jump right over me and take it to a sonic territory that needed a different type of poem. A lot of things changed in my life over those four years. It was a fascinating process to revisit the studio and the songs with such big gaps in between. Each version of a song is like a pin in a map on my road from there to here.”