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Indie88 Premiere: Toronto’s Jade The Moon release new video for ‘Don’t Wait Up’

Toronto indie pop band Jade The Moon have released a new video for their 11:11 track, “Don’t Wait Up.”

The smooth, catchy track revolves around an ambient instrumental before bursting into an all-encompassing, synth-driven banger. The track revolves around perfectly gritty vocal lines, with vulnerable lyrics like, “Don’t wait up for me/ We’re not the people we used to be.”

The accompanying Kelsi Gayda-directed clip has a vintage vibe to it, as it follows Jade The Moon frontwoman Dani Le Rose, who sings along to the track until she eventually gets ready in a bathroom, decking out in a disguise that rivals the outfits in The Matrix.

Watch the video for “Don’t Wait Up” below.

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