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Indie88 Premiere: Tourist Company releases vibrant new track ‘Conflicted/Restricted’

Vancouver electronic duo Tourist Company have just released their vibrant new track, “Conflicted/Restricted.”

The synth-heavy track will get you bopping along, with an elaborate, progressive rhythm and a groovy guitar melody. The track explores the horrific feeling of realizing that something you don’t want to happen is inevitable, with lyrics like, “All you can do is sit and wait/ while everything around you decides your fate./ All of your dreams could suffocate/ You took it all for granted ’til it’s too late.”

Listen to “Conflicted/Restricted” below.

“This song is an inner monologue of that moment that you realize there’s no escaping from the inevitable and there’s nothing you can do about it,” the band explained to Indie88. “Imagine you’re out and you realize that you’ve forgotten to turn off the stove, so you race home. As you approach your neighbourhood you see smoke in the distance and time slows down to a crawl. Your heart races; adrenaline takes over. It’s too late.”

Catch Tourist Company at the Horseshoe Tavern on March 22nd with Long Range Hustle.

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