Indie88 Premiere: TOVI releases dark new indie-pop anthem ‘Across the Border’

TOVI is gearing up for the release of her second EP in 2021

Toronto synth-rock artist TOVI has released a dark new indie-pop single, “Across the Border.”

“There was a lot on my mind when I wrote this song,” TOVI explains. “I was in my home town Red Deer, Alberta for the first several months of the pandemic. I was feeling like I was hiding away from the high COVID-19 numbers of Toronto. The borders had recently closed. Friends of mine were starting to move away from the city, changing their life paths. I wrote this song trying to distill these really intense fears for the future, which of course we were all feeling.

The new tune was self-produced, as TOVI made the entire track in her bedroom during lockdown, and mixed and mastered by Mike Rocha (Electric Youth, Black Pistol Fire). The gritty new synth-driven track comes packed with brooding instrumentals, as TOVI’s silky vocals take the lead.

Listen to “Across the Border” below.

“Part of me felt really hopeless and nihilistic, part of me felt like it was the time to really buckle down and get things down, drive forward.. I think both these sentiments come through on the track,” TOVI continues. “Throughout the pandemic, I found a lightness in listening to dance music. If anything, I wanted to make this song something that you could move to.”

TOVI is gearing up for the release of her second EP in 2021.