Indie88 Premiere: Venus Furs release new video for ‘Chaos and Confusion’

Off of his debut self-titled album

Montreal multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer Paul Kasner, who releases music under the moniker Venus Furs, has released a new video for “Chaos and Confusion.”

“‘Chaos and Confusion’ is the opening track of the debut Venus Furs album,” Kasner explains. “It’s about a woman who loses everything in a game of cards narrated by the dealer who cheats her while taking advantage of her inability to stop playing. At the end of the song, the dealer nearly shows his humanity, turning away to hide the guilt of his actions. The video attempts to tap into the emotions the dealer attempts to hide – guilt, regret, and consequent turmoil.”

The gritty track revolves around powerful guitar lines beneath silky vocals. The accompanying clip fits the track perfectly, as layered shots of Kasner making his way through stark landscapes flash across the screen.

Watch the video for “Chaos and Confusion” below.