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Indie88 Premiere: Venus Furs shares trippy, hazy new video for ‘Page Before’

Montreal’s Paul Kasner has shared a trippy new video for his Venus Furs track, “Page Before.”

“‘Page Before’ is a song about walking into a party with a weird vibe, only to discover that you’re walking into your own wake,” Kasner explains. “There’s a nod to We Are Scientists in the lyrics (‘the scene is cold and the party’s dead’), and an abrupt change around the two-minute mark, to a bass-driven riff that builds and builds to a crescendo, with delayed noise solos matched in performance with panning, for a trippy headphone experience. This song is particularly meaningful to me because it’s been closing my live sets for the last few years as well as both my recently released debut album, and also my series of music videos that I released to accompany each track on the album.”

The accompanying Justis Krar-directed video channels the energy of Venus Furs’ track, with dark, mysterious layered clips that are equally captivating and unnerving. This clip is sure to send you into a flashy, hazy whirlwind as you listen along to the driven guitar lines and ominous vocals of “Page Before.”

Watch the video for “Page Before” below.

“For the video, I wanted to connect the lively instrumentation to the darkness and mystery of the lyrics,” Krar explains. “Flashes of colour, saturated layers above muddles hazy backgrounds, and shrouded figures that are found throughout the video. Animating movement and changing to full screen was done to follow the journey of the song through to the climatic ending.”

Venus Furs’ self-titled debut album is out now! Listen to the record in full below.

Lead photo courtesy of Sean Mundy.

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