Indie88 Premiere: We the Commas share video for new track ‘Pissed Off’

Their debut EP 'SARB' is set for release in October

SoCal-based band We the Commas have shared a video for their new track, “Pissed Off,” which comes from Lenny Comma’s college years, where he felt pressure to choose a career path.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do in life,” Comma explains. “I changed my major four times and I felt aimless. I finally had enough, and had to get my anger out because I was tired of feeling like a failure and I felt like no one understood me.”

The accompanying video sees the band being chased through a sparse desert. The “villain” in the clip, according to the band, is intended to symbolize life chasing you and throwing things in your way to prevent you from reaching your final destination.

Watch the video for “Pissed Off” below.

Their debut EP SARB is set for release in October.