Indie88 Premiere: Wide Mouth Mason release rambunctious, folky new track ‘Anywhere’

'I Wanna Go With You' drops on Friday, October 25

Wide Mouth Mason have released a folky new track called “Anywhere,” which comes off of their forthcoming album I Wanna Go With You.

“‘Anywhere’ is about you and that person you could just get in a car with and start driving, without a destination or care in the world,” band member Shaun explains in a statement. “All you wanna be is where they are.”

The energetic new track revolves around a dynamic instrumental line, catchy melodies, and heartwarming lyricism, with lines like “I could go anywhere, anywhere/ Anywhere with you/ I don’t need to know/ Get up and go/ Anywhere with you.” This song feels made for a sunny day or a lengthy road trip, and you’ll definitely have it on repeat after your first listen!

Listen to “Anywhere” below.

I Wanna Go With You drops this Friday, October 25th, via We Are Busy Bodies.
Lead photo courtesy of Travis Nesbitt.