Indie88 Premiere: Wildlife release anthemic new track ‘Wasted’

An uplifting tune from the Canadian indie rockers

Canadian indie rockers Wildlife have just released an anthemic new track, “Wasted.”

The tune revolves around a resounding drum beat, an energetic guitar line, and tasteful synths as frontman Dean Povinsky sings lines like, “You can break my heart/ Break my spine/ I’ll be with you every time.” After just one listen, you’ll be sure to have this catchy, uplifting track playing on repeat.

“‘Wasted’ is a song about trying to look at life differently when things basically suck,” the band tells Indie88. “It’s so easy to be negative. Sometimes you’ve got to do a little mental karate to get back on track and actually be productive or helpful to another person. When there are outside forces acting upon you that you don’t like, just acknowledging them and letting them exhaust themselves can drain them of their power.”

Listen to “Wasted” below.