Indie88 Premiere: Windser shares new solo single ‘July’

A new track from Mainland's Jordan Topf

Mainland’s Jordan Topf has shared a new solo single under the moniker Windser, which is called “July.”

The dreamy track, which marks the first single off of Windser’s upcoming EP, revolves around catchy vocal melodies and minimalist instrumentation, as Topf delivers lines like, “I don’t wanna grow up/ I oughta stay high/ ‘Cause everything about you is hot like July.”

“The song is a letter to the past and the way life moves so quickly,” Windser explains. “When the pandemic hit, my girlfriend and I migrated to the woods and I set up a makeshift studio. I wrote this song when I realized all the people I’d been missing and all of the changes that were happening around me.”

Listen to “July” below.