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Indie88 Premiere: Woolworm releases new track ‘Hold the Bow’

Woolworm have just released their new track, “Hold the Bow.”

The gritty new tune revolves around a powerhouse guitar line, a driven drum beat, and intimate, crooning vocal lines that feels almost reminiscent of The Cure or Joy Division. “Hold the Bow” puts a modern twist on ’80s indie rock, and this killer tune will have you playing it over and over again.

“‘Hold the Bow’ was inspired by Marina Abramović’s performance art piece Rest Energy – the image of two people leaning back opposite each other, one holding a bow and the other holding an arrow pointed at their heart,” frontman Giles Roy explains to Indie88. “Like the piece itself, the song is about complete trust. It’s also a sort of love song, but not possessive, romantic love. It’s more about unconditional love.”

Listen to “Hold the Bow” below.

Woolworm is set to release their forthcoming album Awe on November 8th via Mint Records.

Woolworm Tour Dates:

September 26th – Montreal, QC – Quai Des Brumes (Pop Montreal)
September 27th – Ottawa, ON – Cinqhole
September 28th – Toronto, ON – The Beguiling
October 12th – Vancouver, BC – 333

Lead photo courtesy of Lovisa Drever.

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