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Indie88 Premiere: Yot Club channels the mundanity of the suburbs in fun video for new single ‘Alive’

Ryan Kaiser has shared a video for his new single as Yot Club, “Alive,” premiering now on Indie88.

The track comes from his forthcoming EP, Santolina, out in January 2022 via Nice Guys Records. “Alive” is a lo-fi indie pop tune packed with clean, dreamy guitar riffs and hazy vocals. The fun accompanying clip sees Yot Club taking part in the mundane activities of suburban life beneath vintage effects.

“Alive is a song about living in the suburbs,” Yot Club explains. “The suburbs are a surreal place because no matter where you are in America it often feels like it’s the same street with all the same stores – like there’s a giant copy and paste button somewhere pumping these places out. I wanted the video to illustrate the suburbs through a positive lens however – highlighting the satisfying repetition and comforting predictability. I had a lot of fun working with director Troy Lustick and the rest of his crew. Troy is an extremely talented and creative guy and I look forward to making more stuff with him in the future.”

Watch the video for “Alive” below.

The entire EP explores these themes of the over commercialized suburb beneath lo-fi jangle-pop. Kaiser was inspired partially by his childhood in the suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi. Santolina is named after the proposed development of the same name in New Mexico. It promises suburban streets and identical houses “while sucking local rivers dry to sustain the desert community,” according to a release.

“Alive” serves as the opener to Santolina before the EP unfurls into the kaleidoscopic sounds of “Hole.” The 6-track EP is in conversation with the things that make America unsustainable. Throughout the collection, Yot Club sings of TikTok, corporatism, suburban surrealism, and more.

“The suburbs are a shitty place to be from, but they’re not at the same time,” Yot Club explains. “I was fortunate to be from a place where kids were playing baseball in the streets and building clubs in the woods, but as you get older, you gain a bleaker perspective on everything. That’s the whole vibe of the EP really.”

Check out the tracklist for Santolina below.

Santolina EP Tracklist:

01 – “Alive”
02 – “Channel 4”
03 – “Deer Island”
04 – “It’s Easy”
05 – “Crescent City”
06 – “Hole”

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