Indie88 Premiere: Zander Hawley shares video for ‘Thumbs’

A powerful clip for Hawley's new indie pop track

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Zander Hawley has shared a video for “Thumbs.”

“‘Thumbs’ is a love song through a regretful lens,” Hawley explains in a statement. “Taking control of your life, and instead of celebrating yourself for it, mentally berating yourself for not having done it sooner, certain that at the antique age of 22 you surely missed your chance at happiness in love.”

The silky indie pop track truly allows Hawley’s sweet vocal lines to shine, as he fluctuates between throaty wails and dreamy falsettos. The accompanying clip is powerful in its layers of clips, as it comes packed with glitchy shots of Hawley singing in a hotel room, driving in a forest, and retro black and white images of a Rubik’s Cube.

Watch the video for “Thumbs” below.