Indie88 Premiere: Zoe Sky Jordan releases video for new track ‘Name On It’

Her forthcoming EP 'Scenes From Infinity' drops in February 2020

Zoe Sky Jordan has released a video for her new track “Name On It,” which comes from her forthcoming EP, Scenes From Infinity.

“Name On It” is a silky track, revolving around Jordan’s smooth, processed vocals as she delivers vulnerable lines about infidelity atop a catchy guitar line. The accompanying video follows Jordan standing in front of a waterfall and performing in a picturesque house beneath beautiful golden light, making for an almost fairy tale-like sequence.

“‘Name On It’ is about infidelity,” Zoe Sky Jordan explains to Indie88. “A conversation between the singer and her paramour – one saying go back to your relationship, the other taunting them to stay in the affair. It conveys little snapshots that speak to important feelings from a certain stage in life – trust, mistrust, time passing, love, longing, and acceptance. The video conveys the heightened emotions and magical feeling of falling in love, through alluring, unexpected images.”

Watch the video for “Name On It” below.

Scenes From Infinity is set for release in February 2020.