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Indie88 Shameless Self-Promotion Takeover with Katie and Sam

On Friday, January 20, Indie88 welcomed the winners of Indie88’s Shameless Self Promotion takeover to the studio. Katie took over playlist duties for part of the day, while accompanied by five-year-old pup Sam. 

Katie is a volunteer with New Collar Collective and brought 5-year-old pup Sam with her. Sam is partially paralyzed after being hit by a car and uses a wheelchair to get around outside, but is able to move around freely in the home without it. Although caring for Sam may look different from the average dog, he is actually a very easy pup to care for once you are used to his routine.

Sam has partial control of his bladder and bowels but he does need his bladder expressed 2-3 times per day (just like any other dog!) to ensure it fully empties and wears a male wrap overnight to prevent indoor accidents. Sam does well with leash walking and LOVES going for long walks. He has no issue going up curbs or hills. Sam does well in his crate but will whine occasionally before settling. He prefers to be left outside his crate when his people have to go out. He is okay being left alone for up to 8 hours on occasion, but would prefer a family who isn’t away from the home for longer than 4-6 hours on a regular day.

If you enjoyed Katie and Sam’s playlist, listen to all the songs played here:

Learn more about Sam here 

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