Indie88 Six Pack – New Brews Sessions Pt. 1

Sample Some Cider! Pommies Dry Cider Is Coming to C'est What?

For six straight weeks you will be able to wet your whistle with some delicious new brews from all over Ontario. The Indie88 six pack will showcase new beer and ciders of all kinds as we gear up to celebrate these bubbly beverages at Toronto’s Festival of Beer.

PommiesSunflower_500x333 Featured Beverage: “Pommies Dry Cider”
Haven’t dabbled into cider territory much? Thinking it may be a little too sweet for your liking? That’s not the case. Pommies Dry Cider uses 5 different kind of Ontario apples into their recipe and reduces them down to 100% juice. The end-result is a light, gluten-free beverage that won’t leave you feeling like you swallowed a beach ball after a few of them. It’s made by a husband and wife team that left their careers in the big city to follow their dreams of creating a quality cider. Rumour has it, if you have a very distinct palate, you can actually taste the love in each bottle.

Food Pairing
If you’re thinking of throwing some food into the mix, Pommies pairs well tons of cheeses. Whether it’s Babybel you have in your fridge, or some tasty gouda, it will all find a nice balance together.

Event Info
Indie88 invades C’est What? at 67 Front Street East, Thursday June 19. Try it!