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Indie88 Six Pack – New Brews Sessions Pt. 5

For six straight weeks you will be able to wet your whistle with some delicious new brews from all over Ontario. The Indie88 six pack will showcase new beer and ciders of all kinds as we gear up to celebrate these bubbly beverages at Toronto’s Festival of Beer.

IMG_0494FEATURED BEVERAGES: Kilannan Alt & Forbidden Artisanal Dry Cider

Kilannan Brewing Company’s Kilannan Alt is traditionally brewed with German malts, hops and their own carefully selected strain of yeast. The Kilannan Alt pours a deep amber flavour with hints of floral notes as you take your first sip. This beer is deep in colour but light in flavour with a smooth bitterness.

Coffin Ridge Boutique and Winery’s Forbidden Artisanal Dry Cider has no artificial flavours folks, its made from 100% Grey County apples. This specific cider is cold pressed and filtered so it maintains that crisp harvest apple flavour. It’s a cider that has a pleasantly intense finish but won’t leave your sweet tooth hurting.


Kilannan Alt is a nice addition to the bachelor diet. We’re talking pizzas, stews and roasted meats.

Forbidden Artisanal Dry Cider can be matched with most soft cheeses, BBQ (specifically smokey ribs), a nice big Cobb salad or it’s perfect just on its own.

Take time to test both beverages when Indie88 invades Barhop at 391 King Street West, Thursday July 10. Try it!

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