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Indie88 Video Premiere: Born Ruffians “We Made It”

Fresh off of releasing a the latest single from their upcoming album RUFF, Born Ruffians have followed up with a bizarre new music video for “We Made It”. It’s a fuzzy, disorienting and chaotic video about a man “down-on-his-luck”, who’s given everything only to have it taken back away.

Alike the upcoming album, this video is an exploration into the self, mudding aesthetics along the way. Moving towards the unconventional, Born Ruffians are smashing down their history and dynamics, rebuilding it with raw, organic sounding materials.

In a press release, the band had this today about the video and new album:

“It will become more apparent in the months ahead, but the video hints at some other weird things that we’ve been up to. This album release is loaded with surprises and we’ve wanted to treat everything we do that way, from the physical album, to the videos, to the live show. We want to treat this video as a treasure hunt of sorts – the narrative is non-linear and demented, but as the months progress and we release more content, the meaning and interpretation of this video changes. This is the viewer’s visual entry into “RUFF world” – a weird, deranged dreamlike space, not unlike the album’s artwork. The 90s homemade VHS video camera style ties into other things in the works, and the editing style reminds viewers of the look of taping over old footage on VHS tapes.”

Born Ruffians will be playing at Indie88’s Second Birthday Party, so you can expect to hear some new material there! Watch the new video above.


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