Indie88 Video Premiere: The Zolas “I Fell In Love With New York”

The second single from the band's 'Wino Oracle' EP

Shortly after releasing the band’s transformative Wino Oracle EP, The Zolas have just shared a brand new lyric video of their second single “I Fell In Love With New York”. Take a look at the video in the player above.

Following around a Spiderman impersonator in Times Square, the video channels the lyrics of being “always surrounded” yet “always alone” in the big city. Singer Zach Gray explained the inspiration behind the music video below:

“The first time I visited New York I became friends with a guy who had just moved there. He was born in South Korea and adopted as an infant to an Orthodox Jewish family from Little Rock, Arkansas. So he was an Asian, Orthodox Jewish, southerner, and he was also gay. I asked him about how it feels to move for the first time to a city like this and he basically said ‘I love this place. Where else in the world could I go where all these things that used to make me different actually make me more welcome?’.

And weirdly now that I think of it, the title itself came from asking Carly Rae Jepsen the same question when she was debating whether to move there from LA. She did a twirl and said ‘What can I say? I fell in love with New York!?'”

Wino Oracle is out now via Light Organ Records.