Indie88’s Big Bribe

It literally pays to listen

It pays to listen with Indie88’s Big Bribe. No smoke & mirrors here, we’re literally paying YOU to listen to us!

It’s so simple too. Starting Monday, September 9th at 8am, listen for us to call out your name. If you hear your name, call us back at 416 588 0881 within 8 minutes and you’re making one hundred bucks an hour until someone else does the same.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up below with your information & we could be calling you!

ENTER HERE >>> Indie88’s Big Bribe

How to Play: The Indie88 host will announce a name drawn from the total entries. The individual has 8 minutes to call (416) 588-0881. The individual will have to confirm their information with the Indie88 host before the game begins. Every hour, the Indie88 host will announce a new name. If that individual does not call (416) 588-0881 within 8 mintues, the previous player will continue to earn $100CAD per hour until a new player calls back.

Must be 18 or older and a resident of Ontario to participate. Central Ontario Broadcasting’s 30-day rule does NOT apply. That means the player’s name could be called more than once during the contest period.