Indoor Recess with Lana: April 1, 2020

Lana is offering some ways to reduce stress in these trying times

Looks like we’re in for the long haul, friend. Congrats on staying home as much as possible so far, I know it isn’t easy; last night I said “Goodnight, sleep well” to a Shopper’s Drug Mart email. But here we are, let’s make the most of it for the greater health of all.

Every day I’m here to send you some suggestions, whether they be music, movies, articles, DIYs… some things to do. As an anxious and very social person (great combo!) this is also going to help my sanity, so thank you very much for reading.


Shameless plug time! Indeed, it’s extra weird right now, so to feel connection on the other side of your headphones (or mine) might be nice.
I’m on air 1-5pm, please text in to say hello 416-588-0881 and tell me how you’re doing.

Billie Eilish’s song inspiration playlists

If you ever wanted to know what Billie Eilish listens to, she recently posted the playlists of “songs that inspired each song” from her massive debut album. Check out the lists of influential tracks she listened to of her own songs, they’re quite
various lists and a cool way to discover new tracks.

Call your oldest relatives

Of the plethora of things that suck about Covid-19, one is that the most vulnerable to loneliness are also the most at risk and are likely dealing with isolation. With the elderly not usually the most tech savvy (though if Great Aunt Helen loves Tik Tok, amazing) please give them a call.

Netflix Party!

This week we launched our Netflix Party series – think of it as Band and a Movie… but you can chat in real time while watching at home on Netflix.

Tonight it’s MONOWHALES and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! All you have to do is download the Netflix Chrome extension before logging in via the link to the movie before it starts at 8pm, it’s very easy.

Get more info here.

Help Out

Yesterday it was announced that all major events will be cancelled until July 1st, including the Pride Parade.

A few weeks ago, Glad Day Bookshop created an Emergency Survival Fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers and Glad Day. The bookshop in the Village has been supporting the LGBTQ2S community since 1970.

“The Plan
All donations to the fund will be split the following ways:
30% – Paid work for LGBTQ2S artists and performers
30% – Swift grants to LGBTQ2S artists, performers and tip-based workers for food and housing
10% – Swift no-interest loans to artists, performers and tip-based workers
15% – Goes towards Glad Day Lit admin costs and becoming a charity
15% – Goes towards keeping Glad Day open”

Please donate if you can here.

Also, last summer our digital superstar Chelsea put together this playlist of alternative tracks by LGBTQ artists to check out. Give it a listen here.

Clean out your old electronics/ help out a COVID-19 patient

If you’re like me, you might have some old electronics kicking around (not to mention cords to… who knows!) Well, right now your old flip phone from 2007 can really make a difference. You can donate it to help Covid-19 patients in low-income status or precarious housing situations. All the rest of your old electronics can likely be recycled once things get back to normal, get the scoop here.

Thanks for reading, take care of yourself over there!

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