Indoor Recess with Lana: March 16, 2020

Lana is offering up ways to reduce your stress in these trying times

Hopefully you’re feeling well and, at this point in time, if you’re working from home, self isolating or quarantined (or if you live solo, especially) you might find yourself in a weird state of talking to yourself wondering what to do. Maybe you’re not – and good for you! For me, I’m finding myself saying things like “Yes, now IS the time to season my cast iron!” out loud to no one while standing over the sink stress eating crackers.

So every day I’m here to send you some suggestions, some music to listen to, some movies to watch or things to read, some things to do. As an anxious and very social person (what a combo!) this is also going to help my sanity, so thank you very much for reading.


Yes this is a shameless plug. Keep in mind it’s extra weird right now, so to feel connection on the other side of your headphones/ speakers (or mine) might be nice.
I’m on air 1-5pm, please text in to say hello 416-588-0881 and tell me how you’re doing.


If you want something calm, have you heard the new one from Courtney Marie Andrews above?

Scott in the digital department has created this playlist called Purell Massacre, check it out above. He’s also doing daily Covid-19 updates with factual info regarding what’s happening in Toronto and beyond. What a concept! High fives to Scott!



You might know Elamin Abdelmahmoud from Buzzfeed News or the Party Lines podcast, I know him mostly from Twitter, where he is an absolute delight. Kind and funny, informative and also a politics nerd and country music fan. One time I saw him at an event and waved and yelled “HI ELAMIN” walking by and felt very dumb after. I don’t know if he knows who I am, but HI ELAMIN you are really great and informative.

Help Out

I know not everyone is financially able to, but if you are, please consider donating to your local food bank.

Daily Bread Food Bank is a registered charity and also helps out 130+ agencies which diversifies their reach in the community. They are working very hard right now to provide uninterrupted service to folks experiencing poverty, if you can help them out, please do.

Merch of the Day

One way you can support your favourite bands and musicians is to buy their music or merch right now. Please show off your favourite band shirts on Band Shirt Friday and spread the love!

Wolf Parade are one of many bands who’ve had to cancel tour dates. They are, however, the only band I know with a Glamourzilla t-shirt. She’s a beauty!

Things To Do

How about some needlepoint?

High fives to Badass Cross Stitch who’ve also posted the pattern for this on your instagram!

Try This Recipe?

You might be cooking more these days, and seeing as grocery shopping is turning into an episode of Chopped, here’s a quick and easy recipe for Puttanesca sauce from Emeril Lagasse.

You might have these things around, I don’t add anchovies btw, and I’m pretty sure capers will still be found on the store shelves even if this gets apocalyptic.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.
Also, all the love to Italy right now. Medical workers, your strength is immeasurable.

Local Love!

Please follow the recommendations from the Minister of Health as far as going out on the town (don’t right now) but also please help out a local business when you can. Here’s a great one that has the best nachos in the city, Sneaky Dee’s!
And they do deliver, my friend.

Do you know the original owners passed on the family business to their son (Hi George!) but they still come in to hand make the avocado spring rolls? And, yes, hot avocado is delicious, let’s not argue about this now. Try it first and then let’s fight about it in May.
Might I recommend my nacho order: King’s Crown, no meat, add shredded lettuce + hot sauce. The Queen’s Crown, if you will. What.

Nachos, good for your soul.


A Speck in the Sea is a great long read and true story about finding a lost lobster fisherman. It is WAY better than that sounds and will likely be turned into a movie. Should it ever be turned into a movie you can have the bragging rights/ be the annoying person who says they read the story a long time ago while cooped up being responsible during a pandemic.
Thanks for reading. Please take care.

Lots of love to you and yours,

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