Indoor Recess with Lana: March 17, 2020


Hello friend, how are you feeling today?

Did you get so weird and lonely you tried to invent something called Facemask FaceTime where you FaceTime pals while wearing horrifying beauty masks? I sure did. (Pro tip: sheet masks fall off when you laugh.)

If you have kids, I hear this is an extra special creative time of horror, so I have included some kid stuff today, too! Parents, I applaud you, and I also applaud the programming department at Disney+ for releasing Frozen 2 early. Smart.

Again, let’s all get into hanging out at home for the greater good of humanity. Here’s some suggestions for today!

Tracks and Tunes

You know I’m going to tell you to listen to Indie88, so please tune in and check in and tell us how you’re feeling. We’ll be keeping you informed and entertained.

Now we’re also two for two for aptly named playlists, yesterday’s pick was Purell Massacre, today we give kudos to The National frontman Matt Berninger’s playlist Social Distancing Distortion.


Last week Dan Mangan had to cancel one of his shows at Danforth Music Hall and postpone the rest of his tour. Of course he’s a creative guy and found a silver lining by recording a show to… no one. You can now watch what might have been his weirdest show. Enjoy the Quarantunes.


Look, I know you already know of this one, but it’s time to revisit the archive on the daily. WeRateDogs is good for all. It’s good all the time. 14/10 WeRateDogs.

Kids Corner!

I’m not a parent but I’m certain of two things. 1. Kids are great. 2. Kids who are all tuckered out and sleep at night are even better.

Mommy Poppins has this list of 25 Exercise Games and Indoor Activities to Get Kids Moving. I’m partial to throwing a dance party, but maybe parachute would be fun with a sheet?

When all else fails, here’s 5 different recipes for homemade slime.

Parents, I salute you.

Learn Something

I’m all for binge watching, but I’ve already made a dent in my couch and it hasn’t even been a week. If you want to break up the binge and learn something new for free, Open Culture has 1500 free online courses from top universities like Harvard, Oxford and Yale. Be sure to continue to scroll down the page to see the actual categories and options. I think Comics: Art in Relationships looks more fun than actually studying about Covid-19, but hey, you can do that too.

Local Love

After a fire last year, Parkdale restaurant Chantecler luckily was still able to operate their butcher shop, Boucherie. They launched a pop up restaurant, Le Phenix, across the street while they sorted out renovations. A pandemic is now added in the mix, but these resilient folks still have their butcher shop open 11am – 7pm and, if you can, this vegetarian (me) wants you to buy yourself a nice steak from them.

Le Phenix will soon have delivery for when you want to treat yourself to a French meal, or perhaps send delivery to a pal for their socially distanced pandemic birthday party?


Did you check out yesterday’s amazing story (that sounds lame but isn’t) about a lost lobster fisherman, if you didn’t check it out click here Today here’s a much shorter, hilarious tweet thread of an embarrassing tale that might bring a well needed laugh. It involves nudity AND a lobster reference (you’re welcome.) The tweets continue in the replies, so click here for more.

Merch of the Day

One way you can support your favourite bands and musicians is to buy their music or merch right now. Please show off your favourite band shirts on Band Shirt Friday and spread the love!

Local artist Pony was showing off her post tour quarantined realness on Instagram above and has some future tour dates in flux. I’m going to buy this shirt, as it might be damn well perfect.

She’s also singing Quarantine Karaoke at 8pm via instagram!

That’s it for today. If you need more suggestions, go back in time to the last post here.

I hope you’re feeling well and taking care.
Thank you for reading, much love to you and yours.


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