Indoor Recess with Lana: March 18, 2020

Lana is offering some ways to reduce stress in these trying times

Hello friend, how are you feeling? The first thing I said out loud today was “I like baths now” to my coffee cup. Reminder: check in on your self isolating friends.

I’m excited to get out of my house for the first time in days and see another human in real life (within 2m distance, of course.)

Nothing says connection via social distancing quite like the radio, so please tune in today and we’ll keep you informed and entertained. Here’s some suggestions of things to check out today:

Tracks and Tunes

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene has created a soothing playlist for these turbulent times called Calm Jams for the Times of Now. With the exception of Tom Waits, it’s a real source of music discover for me, so perhaps it’ll start a deep dive for you too.

To Do

Get free music lessons from Arkells!

Arkells are the musical equivalent of a ray of sunshine but with catchy tunes and fringed jackets. Ever want to brush up on your music skills? Arkells have been posting chords to their songs ahead of class time on social media, and frontman Max Kerman then follows-up with a tutorial on Instagram live. Get stuck on a chord? He’s there to answer your questions. Good dudes.

Help Out

If you have newfound free time and want to help, Kids Help Phone has seen a major increase in calls and texts and really needs volunteers. They provide free online training for their Crisis Text Responders so you can help bring calm to a young person in time of need.

Buy Local

Now might be the time to organize your vinyl and put on a sweet album… or 72. If you want to add a new one to your collection, Toronto’s great Sonic Boom Records has an online store and are offering free shipping on your order over $50 (use code SHIPPING50)


Chef’s Table on Netflix.

Lately I’ve been watching an episode of this docu series a day. Some of the most world renowned chefs share their stories of trials and triumphs all while preparing their signature dishes. It might inspire you to mix it up in the kitchen, or buy a gift card to your favourite restaurant or try a new cuisine for takeout.

There are six seasons; I highly recommend the episodes featuring the stories of Massimo Bottura, Alex Atala, Jeong Kwan and Musa Dağdeviren.

Read Up

Thank you to Simon Wongken on Twitter for this one! The Guardian has created a new series called The Good Place, where they post “positive and practical stories for these difficult coronavirus times.”

Perhaps bookmark it to read up every morning with your coffee before the newscycle creates a rollercoaster of emotion?

Merch of the Day

I’m not gonna lie, I miss learning about bands from Metal Dave™ in our digital department. His shirt picks for Band Shirt Friday are glorious.

Now you can protect your vinyl with this sweet slipmat from a Metal Dave™ approved band, and tell all your friends you also supported French environmentalist death metal band Gojira! You should also check them out regardless.

And if you have the bucks you can add “The Way of All Flesh” denim vest to your wardrobe, even!

Thanks again for reading. Please take care of yourself and check in on those you love. Keep that social distancing going! We’re in this together.


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