Indoor Recess with Lana: March 19, 2020

Lana is offering some ways to reduce stress in these trying times

Hey pal, how you holding up over there? This week I’ve taken my stress eating to new heights, dipping an entire chocolate bar into a jar of peanut butter. You know what? It was really great.

Thank you for staying home, for social distancing and altering your daily life for the good of all of us. Every day we’re still keeping you informed and entertained on air at Indie88, so please tune in if you want some tunes and a voice on the other end of your headphones/speakers.

Here’s today’s list of suggestions to check out, help out, or enjoy while making a dent on your couch for the community.

Kids’ Corner

If you have kids, this seems to be an extra special time of creative horror/using up every rainy day activity x219, so why not throw some science into the mix?

For kids that are old enough to make DIY butter, dissolve an eggshell or make your own ricotta cheese (pro DIY dairy over here) check out 63 Easy Science Experiments for Kids Using Household Stuff from Mommy Poppins.


Nothing says distraction like the history of the waterbed. Did you know they were called The Bed of the Sexual Revolution and first sold in bong shops? In 1986 20% of all beds in America were waterbeds, and apparently there was one in the Playboy Mansion covered in tasmanian possum hair, eeewwwww.

Look, I’m just trying to give you more pandemic-free icebreakers for all those FaceTimes. You’re welcome!


Why, yes, now IS the time to learn about one of the greatest songwriters in history.

Check out Dolly Parton’s America, a podcast dedicated to the story of my lord and saviour Dolly Parton, and if you’re non committal, at least listen to the episode I Will Always Leave You. Deal? Deal.


I was first introduced to Ted Travelstead via his nude posing for a comedic sex book he co-wrote called Our Bodies Our Junk, how’s that for an intro! His tweets popping up in your feed between news updates and celebs singing and/or washing their hands will bring you some much needed laughs.

Help Out

Glad Day Bookshop in the Village has been supporting the LGBTQ2S community since 1970, and have created an Emergency Survival Fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers and Glad Day.

“The Plan
All donations to the fund will be split the following ways:
30% – Paid work for LGBTQ2S artists and performers
30% – Swift grants to LGBTQ2S artists, performers and tip-based workers for food and housing
10% – Swift no-interest loans to artists, performers and tip-based workers
15% – Goes towards Glad Day Lit admin costs and becoming a charity
15% – Goes towards keeping Glad Day open”

Please donate if you can here.


Every time I try to meditate I either fall asleep or just think about chips for 20 minutes. At this point, I think that’s win/win.

Should you want to try and calm your mind down, Headspace is offering free meditations if you download the app.

The Daily Meditation Podcast is also free and has just posted their 1757 episode if you want to pick one to try.

That’s it for today. I’ll be on air 1-5pm, please tune in if you can, and don’t forget you can always call in or text in.

Take care of yourself, please keep social distancing and staying home. We’ll celebrate when this is all over. Much love to you and yours.


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