Indoor Recess with Lana: March 20, 2020

Lana is offering some ways to reduce stress in these trying times

How are you doing over there? A week in and you might be a little stir crazy. Don’t forget to get outside if you can, take a walk, keep your distance from others, but get some fresh air.

Here’s some things to check out today. And don’t forget, it’s Band Shirt Friday, feel free to show off your favourite band’s shirt and tag @indie88toronto and promote that sweet band because…


Today Bandcamp is having a Covid-19 fundraiser for artists, waiving their revenue share on all sales to try to help the music community. Many labels are also giving 100% of sales revenue to their artists as well. Some bands are posting merch from cancelled tours, some surprise projects and some groups are giving proceeds to charities.

Now’s the time to get a new band shirt if you can.

Discover a new album

John Peel was one the original BBC Radio 1 DJs, and of the most influential radio hosts and music journalists, breaking bands and broadcasting on BBC from 1967 until he died in 2004.

After his death, his vinyl collection shelves have been posted alphabetically for you to check out. Click on a letter and explore some titles from his massive collection here.

Need a laugh?

If you’re starting to wonder what the world of online dating is like now, will everyone just… DM back and forth for months? Sit across from each other on a park bench? FaceTime while watching movies?

The good news, #socialdistancingpickuplines can bring some levity.

Stretch it out!

If fitness classes are a part of your life, you’re probably missing that part of your routine. Good news, many instructors are posting workouts online. If you’ve never been in to workout out and want to try all you need is Instagram.

Rachel McLean is a Nike Trainer and is posting free daily classes at 1pm via instagram live @rachelmcln Fridays, she is live at @misfitstudio at 1pm.

Metal Dave™’s metal pick!

You might need to headbang right now, so maybe watch a metal show from your living room?
Dave in our digital department picked this one out for you: Devin Townsend Project at Royal Albert Hall, London, 2015.

Play video games with Brent!

Brent’s Xbox gamer tag is: slippery 1000, and, as per the man himself, “add me up if you wanna get beaten at NHL20 or Rocket League.”

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