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Indoor Recess with Lana: March 23, 2020

Hey friend, how’s today going so far? I finally decided to put on pants that aren’t elastic waistband, I know, impressive.

Hopefully you’re feeling well and staying home as much as possible. If you’re like me, you’re going a bit squirrelly (Maybe you’re not – and good for you!) This weekend I found myself dancing with a plant named Fernando. And you know what? I think he’s really special.

Every day I’m here to send you some suggestions, some music to listen to, some movies to watch or things to read, some things to do. As an anxious and very social person (what a combo!) this is also going to help my sanity too, so thank you very much for reading.


Shameless plug time! It’s extra odd right now, so to feel connection on the other side of your headphones (or mine) might be nice.
I’m on air 1-5pm, please text in to say hello 416-588-0881 and tell me how you’re doing.

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Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth recently covered John Lennon’s “Isolation,” posting the track on bandcamp for streaming or purchasing.
All proceeds will be donated to the Recording Academy and MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.


Last week I linked to the late, great BBC DJ John Peel’s archived record collection for you to peruse. Within his collection he had one box of 7” singles he would grab and save in a fire.

This documentary explores some of the 146 records in the record box with the bands who made them.

Help Out

We can’t forget that the need for blood is still there for people in trauma or with illness who need transfusions.

You can still donate blood. Canadian Blood services do follow all the health protocols, obviously.

If you can, if you’re working from home, one of your breaks could be to walk to a donor clinic – there are a lot of them.

Frankly I’m a bit competitive with friends over my bleed time. I know that sounds weird and it is, but we can compare.

Blood.ca has all the info for you, but I’d get the app, which is very user friendly.


While you’re going out less you might be going through your cupboards and finding a lot of odds and ends. SuperCook is a site and app where you add in what items you have and it finds recipes for ingredients you already have.


This is pretty epic and also one of my ideas of hell BUT if you have the time, you can try to take control of your inbox. Yes, the concept of Inbox Zero has been floating around for years and apparently organizing your digital clutter and managing your inbox makes you feel better. So hey, if you feel like giving it a try, me and 145,893 emails wish you luck.

Thanks for checking in, please continue to hang out at home and keep that distance (2 meters!) for the greater good of all. Take care of you and yours.


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