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Indoor Recess with Lana: March 25, 2020

Hey pal, how’s today going so far? I hope you are feeling well, staying safe and indoors.

Last night I was cleaning out a shelf in my closet where miscellaneous things go to die and found a bottle of self tan spray from 2015! The last time I used self tanner I gave myself a bronze five o’clock shadow, so I decided to put it down (of course, I didn’t throw it out. We’ll see what happens when I’m still inside a week from now.)

Every day I’m here to send you some suggestions, some music to listen to, some movies to watch or things to read, some things to do. This is also helping me out (and keeping me away from things like 5 year old self tanner) so thank you!


Of course it’s extra weird right now, so to feel a connection on the other side of your headphones (or mine) might be nice.

I’m on air 1-5pm, please call in or text in to say hello 416-588-0881 and tell me how you’re doing.

Hayden’s Jukebox Playlist

Beloved local musician Hayden went through his 1967 Rock-Ola Princess Jukebox and created a playlist of all of the A-sides from the 45s inside. Check it out below!



For the last couple of years this recipe keeps popping up in my feed and boggles my mind – a three recipe tomato sauce made with… butter!? Everyone from local chefs and restaurateurs to Antoni from Queer Eye rave about it. It’s worth a try AND all you need are tomatoes, an onion and butter.


Check out our Netflix Party with Valley.

Last night we had the very first Netflix Party with Arkells. It was really fun to watch a movie with you and the band and comment in real time on the… cinematic masterpiece that is BASEketball. All you have to do is download the Netflix Chrome extension before logging in via the link to the movie, it’s very easy.

Tonight Valley will be hosting our Netflix Party as we all check out their favourite movie You’ve Got Mail.

Check out a Virtual Museum

Toronto treasure the Bata Shoe Museum is launching virtual tours of it’s collection, plus if you have kids, there are printable colouring sheets to keep them occupied while you check out this history of men in heels!

They will be updating with new tours,but for now start with their youtube series The World At Your Feet.

Nirvana at Paramount Theatre

Big social distanced high fives to Metal Dave™ from our digital department for this gem of a find, one of Nirvana’s first shows after releasing Nevermind, shot on 16mm film on October 31, 1991.

“This tour originally featured Nirvana in the opening slot for Mudhoney, but the surprising massive success of Nevermind led the bands to swap spots. Shot on the final night of their North American tour, it is the only Nirvana concert to be recorded on film, and features songs from their debut record Bleach as well as set list staples ‘Aneurysm,’ ‘Been a Son’ and ‘Sliver.’”

Thanks again for reading.
Feel free to share your suggestions for Indoor Recess lana@indie88.com, text 416-588-0881 or send me note on social @indie88toronto @lanagay

Sending much love to you and yours.

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