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Indoor Recess with Lana: March 26, 2020

Hey friend, how’s today going so far? I continue to have solo dance parties and conversations with my plants; I’m pretty sure self isolation time is the get-to-know-yourself Olympics. The good news, this is not forever, and it’s time to discover new things while staying indoors for the greater good of the world. Here’s your list of new suggestions to check out today!

As always, I’m on air from 1-5pm and if you need a chat or want to text in your thoughts or requests, 416-588-0881 or @indie88toronto @lanagay


Graham Norton Show Highlights

If you haven’t fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole yet, what are you waiting for? Let the Graham Norton Show be a starting point. There’s something about a British talk show hosted by a comedian who has celeb guests sharing a couch with drinks, it’s gold. (and there are 19 seasons of highlights should you need to dive deep.)

Netflix Party with The Beaches

This week we launched our Netflix Party series with Arkells. It was really fun to watch a movie with you and the band and comment in real time on the… cinematic masterpiece that is BASEketball. Yesterday Valley joined in and we all watched You’ve Got Mail.
Tonight it’s The Beaches and Fear! All you have to do is download the Netflix Chrome extension before logging in via the link to the movie before it starts at 8pm, it’s very easy.

Get more info here.

Make a quarantini?

Scott MacDougall is a fan of making cocktails every Thursday with the aptly named Brown Liquor Thursday. Keep in mind, he’s not a bartender by any means, which is half the fun. Whether it be theme drinks, botched beverages, or trying to not light himself on fire, it’s worth the watch. And (socially distanced) high fives to his camera person/sidekick Jessica whose reactions are pretty magic.

Again, please drink responsibly, or not at all! There are plenty of great non alcoholic cocktail as well, here’s a list should you want to try one out.

And once we’re back out and about, perhaps go check out an Abandon night,https://www.instagram.com/abandontoronto/ it’s an alcohol free happy hour at different bars and restaurants around town. You can go if you drink or not, want a social time without alcohol on a weekday, whatever reason – as they say it’s “a happy hour without the hangover.”


If you’re feeling a sense of discomfort these days, it’s no surprise. With a complete upheaval of routine and a dash of pandemic anxiety, yup, it’s weird. Here’s a short interview with David Kessler, an expert on grief, who “shared his thoughts on why it’s important to acknowledge the grief you may be feeling, how to manage it, and how he believes we will find meaning in it.”


Though their tour with Rage Against the Machine is postponed, that hasn’t stopped Run the Jewels from releasing new tunes! Check out “Ooh LA LA,” featuring DJ Premier and Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth.

That’s the list today, as always, send your suggestions on over lana@indie88.com @indie88toronto @lanagay

I hope you’re feeling well, taking care, and much love to all the folks working in essential services, to those on the front lines keeping us safe, healthy and fed.

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