Indoor Recess with Lana: March 30, 2020

Lana is offering some ways to reduce stress in these trying times

We’re a few weeks in, how are you feeling so far? This new normal can be an adjustment, in particular if you’re self isolating solo. I feel like I’m unintentionally part of an experiment to see if talking to plants helps them grow. I’ll report my EXCITING findings soon, for now another week begins another daily list of suggestions comin’ at you!

As per usual, I’m on air 1 – 5pm, feel free to call in, text in 416-588-0881 or say hello @indie88toronto @lanagay


Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix

The Hip Hop Evolution doc series was created by a fantastic Canadian team and has picked up a Peabody Award and an Emmy along the way. Homegrown, Juno nominated rapper Shad guides you through the history, interviewing the pioneering and influential artists and community that changed music and culture forever. I can’t recommend it enough.


As I write this the beloved and tremendous singer-songwriter John Prine is in critical condition fighting Covid-19. His songs are a beautiful lens to the emotional ties we have with everyday life, he’s also sweetly funny, and shines a light on the common human experience in a way that is so very much his. He is a treasure. Please do a deep dive into his catalogue. Start here, with a video shared last night by Billy Bragg.
Much love to you, John Prine.


Ever find yourself dumping a bag of Triscuit dust in your mouth while standing over the sink? Just me? Okay.

Real talk: Triscuits are the best cracker. Above is a thread about discovering where the “Tri” in Triscuit comes from. It’s more exciting than it sounds, give it a quick read and add it to your icebreaker arsenal.


High fives to Glenn Sumi over at NOW magazine for these local comedy album suggestions.

His synopses of the picks are a great intro to what you’re in for.
True story: once while checking out an Arthur Simeon set, I laughed to the point where I shot beer out of my nose. Good review, no?

Life Hack Deep Dive

Nothin’ says isolation party quite like finding a way to reuse all those toilet paper rolls. In addition to organizing everything from cords to wrapping paper to making an iPhone amplifier out of toilet paper rolls, here’s 100 life hacks, including help with the universal enigma – how to properly fold a fitted sheet.

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