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Instagram music is finally available on stories in Canada

Good news for Canadian Instagram lovers, as music is finally available for Facebook and Instagram stories.

Facebook announced the launch of music stickers for the two social media platforms yesterday, with the goal of helping Canadians share music they love with their followers. On top of implementing the sticker, Facebook has made a collection of Canadian music and artists available to add to the sticker, featuring iconic Canadian acts and indigenous artists.

If you’d like to use the feature, you can open up the story feature on Facebook or Instagram, record or select a photo or video, select the sticker icon, add the Music sticker, and select a track from the app’s library of songs.

Additionally, if the song has lyrics, you can choose to add the lyrics to your story, or you can just use them to select the section of the song you’d like to be included. If you tap on the lyrics, you can change the animation and text style, or move them around.

On Facebook, you can even pin songs to your profile so that your friends can see your music taste. On Instagram, friends can reply to question stickers with tracks from the music library, and there are new visual effects on Stories that can respond to sound.

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