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These 7 artists express themselves in music and ink

Tattoos and music pretty much go hand in hand. Both are used to express oneself and both are a pretty loud and clear way of doing so! So lets talk tats.

Ben Bridwell – Band of Horses

Ben Bridwell is included because he has many creative tattoos and also had the courage to tattoo a giant yellow lion on his neck.

Dallas Green

Dallas Green is heavily tattooed but he has managed to choose a favourite. It’s a portrait of Son House, an old blues singer and guitar player. It’s on his thigh. He also says that he regrets having half his body covered because it’s like wearing the same shirt every day for the rest of your life

Michael Skattum – Wild Nothing

To some people, tattoos have some sentimental meaning. For others like Michael Skattum of Wild Nothing, they don’t. Skattum has a bunch of traditional style creatures from the animal kingdom and beyond including a space pig on his forearm. He also has his lady’s name “Breta” in rope so she’ll be tied to him forever.

Frank Turner

Frank Turner has a pretty cool piece on his upper arm that dates back to the 1520s, well the original does. The picture is by Hans Holbein the Younger from a book called “Totentanze”. It’s from a series of portraits of people being reminded of their mortality. Turner’s is of the “Peddlar” or “Traveller”, the penultimate character.

Steve Forrest – Placebo

Steve Forrest is well known for his two passions – drumming and tattoos. He’s also an aspiring tattoo artist. Forrest has a portrait of Elvis Presley on his arm that is a tribute to his grandmother and his family’s love of music.

Alex Turner – Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner revealed his fresh ink in last year’s “R U Mine” video. An ode to his Sheffield hometown, Turner got a traditional style Yorkshire Rose on his forearm. He also has the name of punk rock poet John Cooper Clarke tattooed on his arm.

Wes Marskell – The Darcys

Wes has a couple tattoos… one he did himself with a sewing needle! It’s the outline of a Canadian nickel. So essentially it’s a circle, on his forearm. He also has the words WIN WIN on the inside of his mouth (ouch!)

Sometimes musicians inspire tattoos. I have the title of Hayden’s debut album around my wrist “Everything I Long For” and the lyrics to his song “Elk Lake Serenade” around a portrait of my dog’s paw print on my forearm. What can I say? Sometimes a musician has already written the words that you feel are appropriate for your life! On that note, if you have a music inspired tattoo, leave a comment and tell us all about it!