5 Food Festivals Worth Travelling The World For

It's the ultimate cheat day

Other than sky diving or bungee jumping, why not add “Eat 10 slices of pizza at Naples Pizza Village” to your bucket list? There are some super cool food fests that take place in the world, and it should be your goal to go one.

Whether it’s PoutineFest in Ottawa or the National Cherry Festival in Michigan, you need to stuff your face with some amazing food that your heart could only handle one day of the year. Check out some note worthy ones below!


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Let’s start off with one of the more iconic ones. Oktoberfest has been running since the 1800’s and is the largest beer festival in the world, hosting around 6 million people per year. Try everything from their famous Bavarian pretzels to endless sausage options while adorning a gingerbread necklace.


Calling all chocoholics, Salon du Chocolat is the place to be! The annual festival held in France hosts over 200 chefs each year for the public to taste their coco creations. The fun doesn’t stop there, they also put on a chocolate fashion show where all outfits are made entirely out of chocolate. How they’re not tempted to eat their clothes off is a secret to me.


Head to Maine during the first week of August to celebrate their very own, fresh lobster! Maine Lobster Festival is all seafood everything, including the attendees. Almost everyone is decked out in lobster-isque gear whether it’s hats, claws, or bibs. They also host the annual Mermaid Sea Goddess Coronation, which is basically Miss America but entirely fish themed. Gotta love the die-hard fans.


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Who doesn’t want to attend a 10-day event dedicated to pizza? Celebrate the 8th anniversary of Naples Pizza Village with 50 pizzerias and live music. Taste various pizza creations and maybe learn a thing or two from their on-site pizza workshops. The best part? It’s free admission! How much more convincing do you need?


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See all your Food Network favs at this world-renowned event. The Food & Wine Classic held in Aspen is a premier, three-day culinary party with cooking demonstrations, wine tastings and panel discussions by world-class chefs and wine experts. Enjoy delicious food and wine created and curated by some of the world’s top chefs!

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