Internet and Social Media Do Something Good For 13 Year Old Odin

We needed this

With the negativity that often seems to surround online chatter, yesterday proved one of the better days for the internet.

Odin Camus is a 13-year old boy from Peterborough who suffers from bullying. He tried to throw a birthday party, but no one RSVPed. What happened next was the work of one loving mother, a simple call for help, and eventually an amazing display of human kindness made possible through the sometimes ugly connected world, we call social media.

Odin’s mother posted a message on a local Facebook group, asking for people to rally around her son’s special day. The post went viral with people around the world tweeting and texting Odin birthday messages. Strombo, The Raptors, The Leafs, and Justin Trudeau were just some of the over 11,000 tweets that were sent to #OdinBirthday – making it the #1 Twitter trending topic in Canada. He also received over 4,000 direct text messages form around the world. Not to mention that hundreds showed up in Peterborough to show their support in person.

Here is a video of the result from Odin’s Birthday.

From leaked celebrity nudes, to cyber-bullying, to videos showing the depths of human depravity meant to instil fear in others, online media can be an ugly lens into a troubled world. Every once in a while we need something like this to remind us of the goodness that people still have in their hearts.