Interpol is Back – Watch “All The Rage Back Home”

Interpol return with a new video for their first song off the highly anticipated new record El Pintor

It has been four years since NYC post-punk darlings Interpol has given us new music. Their 2010 self-titled release was the band’s fourth album and received mixed reviews compared to the band’s acclaimed releases Turn Out The Bright Lights (2002) and Antics (2004).

The band’s latest Album El Pintor is scheduled for release this fall (Sept 8/9) and the first track the band has shared is titled “All The Rage Back Home”. With the exception of the opening 30 seconds, which is a trademark guitar-backed Paul Banks croon – “All the Rage Back Home” is a fully dance-able rock song with a propelling beat, building crescendos, and high drama – all the while remaining instantly recognizable as Interpol.

Here is what Bookie had to say:


What a pleasant surprise it was. As I opened up the link to the video for Interpol’s new single/video “All The Rage Back Home”. I expected a solid but unspectacular workout of the elements that made Interpol a tour de force. What we get are all that and more. A beautiful intro followed by a blast of urgency straight into a killer chorus. The gorgeous black and white video was directed by the band’s Paul banks and Sophia Peer, whose worked with Banks on his solo stuff.


Watch the video below: