INXS to make restored ‘Live Baby Live’ Wembley concert film available for download

It will be available as of June 26

INXS’ restored 1991 Live Baby Live Wembley Stadium concert film is set to be available for download and purchase on disc next month.

The film, which was screened in theatres across the world last year, was restored from the original 35 mm recording into a widescreen 4K Ultra HD version. Film producer Eagle Vision says that the restoration process took an entire year to complete, and during that process, a performance of “Lately” that was thought to be lost was added to the flick.

As of June 26th, the film will be available as a digital download, or as a 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray or Blu-ray and DVD format.

The Blu-ray and DVD versions will also come with a double CD of the remixed live soundtrack, new notes from the band, photos from the performance, and an essay from broadcaster Jamie East.