Here’s How iOS10 Will Change the Way You iMessage

Here are 4 ways the new iOS 10 update will make your life more simple.

iPhone users rejoice! Apple is about to change the way you communicate, in a big way.

Apple has just announced one major feature on its new iOS 10 update – third party developer support. For those of us who don’t speak tech, this means that developers can create app extensions that allow iPhone users to interact with applications from directly within iMessage. Check out the preview here!

How will this small update benefit us? Well, some developers have already announced how this feature will change the way we go about completing simple tasks. Whether you’re sharing funny photos with your friends, or transferring money, the new factor within iOS 10 will make it a whole lot easier- and here’s how:

1. It will predict your feelings

You know how iMessage will predict what word you’re about to type? Well, with the new update, not only will your phone suggest certain words, it will also recommend different emojis! In fact, words that can be replaced by emojis are highlighted, making it incredibly easy to swap the text for a related icon instead.


2. You are always protected

Private photo messages are concealed until the recipient swipes them open. This way, your private conversations and photo sharing sessions are kept between you, and the person you’re messaging.


3. Ordering food will be a breeze

One new iMessage app, DoorDash, allows users to collectively collaborate on a group lunch order without having to leave the group chat. This makes for a less time consuming process, and helps keeps everything in one place. You’ll never be hangry again.


4. No hassle money transferring

With a third party developer called “Square Cash” installed, your iPhone will let you send money directly through iMessage. This will eliminate the extra steps of opening up your bank app and re-entering your information.


Additional iMessage Apps have not yet been confirmed by Apple, but the details regarding the new system mention that users will be able to “share content, edit photos, play games, send payments, and collaborate with friends”, all while remaining within the iMessage window.

The digital short cut will eliminate extra time wasted opening multiple apps and browsers, and according to the apple website, will launch in the fall.