Irish Jams: Best Irish Music pt. 2

Irish music beyond Pogues and House of Pain

It’s getting close to St. Paddy’s Day and I’m here to supply you with some off the beaten path Irish indie to help you avoid listening to the Pogues and House of Pain all day. Check out part one of my favourite Irish bands.


This Irish band just keeps pumping out amazing music. Their latest album This Chemical Sea is another overlooked gem.

My Bloody Valentine

MBV is far from new but most people forget that they are Irish. They came back in 2013 to release their first record in 16 years (it scored a 9.1 on Pitchfork BTW). They’re back in the studio now recording more gauzy shoegaze for a new album.


This Dublin band has been nominated for two (!) Mercury Prizes which is no small feat. Fronted by a man with possibly the most Irish name in history Conor O’Brien, this band is one to watch.


This project has been described as “disco in slow motion” and I’m not sure I could sum it up better.