Is Hip-Hop More Revolutionary Than The Beatles?

This unpopular opinion is backed up with scientific facts

A new study out of London has found that the rise of rap music has been the single most important revolution in pop music history.

By tracking everything from changes in chord progressions to musical tone, researchers found that bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were really just expanding on musical styles that already existed — turns out the British invasion was actually a bit of a scam.


They say the real revolution happened in the early 90s, with the arrival of mainstream rap music. Apparently, hip-hop is the most original music style there’s ever been. Aside from one year in 1986 — the year of the most repetitive music — rap and its related genres have evolved music more than any other style.

These researchers say it’s a matter of fact, not opinion, but what do you think? Are those we call the “pioneers of rock” really all they’re cracked up to be, or is hip-hop the real music game changer?