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Is La Pascualita A Real-Life Corpse Bride?

You know those stories that send a shiver through your veins? That’s exactly what happened to me when I read about La Pascualita, a supposed “mannequin” that might just be a corpse.

The Story Of La Pascualita

la pascualita
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On March 25, 1930, La Pascualita made its first appearance in a humble wedding dress shop in Chihuahua, Mexico.

After being in the window for awhile, someone noticed that the hands of the ‘dummy’ looked surprisingly real. With wrinkles and veins, and a strange colour to the skin, the little details of the mannequin started the locals talking.

Then, the similarity of the dummy and the recently deceased daughter of the shop owner came to light. Shop owner Pascuala Esparza had a beautiful daughter who had died on her wedding day from a black widow spider bite. Story has it that she had her daughter’s body mummified. She then featured it in her shop window so her daughter could in death be the bride that she never got to be in life.

Where Is She Today?

la pascualita
Image: @inachoix
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Go to Chihuahua, Mexico and enter this into your phone: La Popular, Calle Guadalupe Victoria, Zona Centro, Chihuahua.

You’ll be guided through some winding streets to a nondescript bridal shop that boasts “La Casa De Pascualita”.

There, you can view her for yourself. Her creepy hands and her face that looks just slightly asymmetrical and her eyes that seem to be strangely pleading with you…

Is La Pasculita A Real Corpse Bride Or Just A Mannequin?

Personally, I’m Team Corpse Bride. I mean, come on. Look at these hands.

la Pascualita
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However, it’s extremely hard to fathom how an actual dead body – regardless of how well-preserved – could survive the Mexico heat.

Because of this, it’s hard to say whether or not La Pascualita is an actual Corpse Bride. But I’m a creepy weirdo and I like to think that her mother somehow found a way for her to live on forever.

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