Is the CN Tower Changing Colour Based on Which PokéMon Team Controls It?

The Pokemania is reaching new heights

Toronto held it’s own Pokemon Go launch party last week, appropriately located beneath the CN Tower, which happens to be a Pokemon gym.

Pokemon master hopefuls get to choose to be apart of one of three teams before they begin challenging the game’s gyms located around the city: Team Instinct, Team Valor or Team Mystic (saved best for last).

When players defeat a gym, their team’s corresponding colour takes over that gym in-game.

The myth currently floating around is that the CN Tower’s lights signify which team currently holds the CN Tower gym: yellow for Instinct, red for Valor and blue for Mystic. Unfortunately the rumor isn’t true but that would be pretty awesome on the part of whoever has control over those lights, to put that kind of system in place.

Continue catching them all Toronto!


Image courtesy Paulo Barcellos Jr. via Flickr