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Is this 2015 Ernst & Young Innovation Saying Your University Degree is Obsolete?

The average, every day high-schooler is typically faced with a few choices once Graduation rolls around: apply for University, apply for College, begin a career/apprenticeship, or take a few years off to travel/ “find themselves”.

Most encouraged students opt for a post-secondary education, wracking up a pretty penny in student loans, accumulating over the 4 (or sometimes more) years they attend.

Ernst & Young, one of the UK’s biggest graduate recruiters, announced last year that they removed the degree classification from its entry criteria, stating there is no hard evidence linking success at university to achievement in later life. Instead, the company will conduct numerical tests and online “strength” assessments to determine the potential of applicants.

The decision was made after an 18-month long analysis of the firm’s student selection process. Maggie Stilwell, Enrst & Young’s managing partner for talent, said the improvement would open up opportunities for capable individuals who didn’t have the means to attend University.

“The research shows that there are positive correlations between certain strengths and success in future professional qualifications,” She said.

“Transforming our recruitment policy is intended to create a more even and fair playing field for all candidates, giving every applicant the opportunity to prove their abilities.”

Does this mean you should set your the well-earned Degree on fire and forget about it? Probably not. Aside from the fact you are probably still paying it off, a University Degree is still a great qualification – it’s just not the whole picture.

“Academic qualifications will still be taken into account and indeed remain an important consideration when assessing candidates as a whole, but will no longer act as a barrier to getting a foot in the door.” Stilwell claims.

As 2016 is nearly coming to a close, the new concept has already been put into place. What do you think of the radical change?

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