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Is This Giant Gummy Worm Too Big To Stomach?

Say Hello To The World’s Largest Gummy Worm 

The giant gummy worm is the single biggest piece of candy I’ve ever seen.

This big gummy worm is not the only super huge iteration of a popular candy, but due to its length and ribbing, it’s particularly impressive. You can also find giant gummy bears, bunnies, and of course Easter eggs.

This absurdly large piece of sugary gelatin is a hit when it comes to parties and stand-out gifts. You know those hard-to-buy-for kids and impossible party hosts you want to impress?

Try a massive, lengthy gummy worm. You might just get the award for Most Original Gift. Or maybe Gift Most Likely To Cause Diabetes. Who’s to say?

Just How Big Is This Giant Gummy Worm?

big gummy worm
Image: @_harpers_bazaar_ on Instagram

The world’s largest gummy worm is a jaw-dropping 128-times larger than a traditional gummy worm.

It’s just over TWO FEET long and has a circumference of FIVE INCHES. Sorry for the shouty capitals, but those are some grand dimensions for a gummy worm, don’t you think?

Oh and it weighs three pounds. Oy.

How Much Sugar Is In One Giant Gummy Worm?

huge gummy worm
Image: @thingsidesire_go on Instagram

K so… I know what you’re thinking…

Is it paleo?

No. It’s not paleo. And it’s definitely not vegan. It’s a long, snaky, chewy tube of sugar and gelatine that will not fit into any diet that’s good for you. Ever.

However, it’s a giant gummy worm. They’re not supposed to be paleo, silly.

There are over 4,000 calories in a single, massive gummy worm. If my calculations are correct, this equals nearly 700 grams of sugar. Personally I think that sounds a bit low, but here’s my process:

giant gummy worm
Image: Vat19.com

One 40g serving = 19g of sugar

Three pounds = 1360.7 grams

1360 / 40 = 34

34 x 19 = 646 grams of sugar.


giant gummy worm
Image: @vat19 on Instagram

Can you Purchase These Sugary Monsters?

giant gummy worm
Image: @funideahub on Instagram

Indeed, you can purchase a sugary monster of a gummy worm on Amazon!

It’s made by The Gummy Bear Guy, and you absolutely must check out this hilarious video about the SOUR gummy worm. It was created after massive consumer demand.

You can find out more info on this impressive gummy worm over here, where they created it.

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